Favorite Spots

The Island Mermaid - 631-583-8088
Located right on the Ocean Beach ferry dock in the heart of town, you need to have a "rocket fuel" here to complete your visit to Fire Island. Dinner on the deck is superb, the staff never fails to amuse and the DJ will have you dancing (after at least a drink or two).

Maguire's - 631-583-8800
After starting off at the Mermaid, head across town for late night fun at Maguire's. Great food, good music and fun fellow Fire Islanders.

Matthew's Seafood - 631-583-8016
A great place for a dinner date escape. Beware the Thursday crowd for margarita madness but if you can brave it, you will not be walking home in a straight line. Tons of fun.

Michael's Restaurant and Pizzeria - 631-597-6555
The mecca of late night munchies. Great pizza and other delights during the day. The BEST pizza ever when you've had a few cocktails...

Rachel's - 631-583-9552
The breakfast of champions (particularly hungover champions). Rachel has a great bakery that's open late night as well should your cravings be controlled by your sweet tooth.

Seaview Market - 631-583-8482
Owned by the Littles (quite possibly the nicest people in Fire Island) this market located near the Seaview Ferry dock has eveything you might need and many things you didn't think you would need but do!

Seaview Liquors - 631-583-5287
Self explanatory:)